Nurse Career Workshop

Hospital Staff



So many people are turning to us.  We are one of the few nursing  organizations that actually guide you through your decision, helping to answer your questions about nursing.

  • Do I have the right personality for nursing?

  • What nursing opportunities are available to me, and which ones are best for my interests and personality?

  • How  much will I have to spend and how long will it take for me to get the credentials I’ll need to start working?

  • What educational funding sources are available, and how do I tap into them right from the start?

  • How much will I earn?

  • Which school is best for me to get what I really want?

  • What specifically is involved in the nursing careers I’m interested in… can I get some hands-on experience before I totally commit?

  • and much, much more!

Don’t make mistakes right from the start when this is so easy. Online registration is NOW $197.00 an $895 value.  At the door on the day of the seminar the price is $297.00.  Sign up today for our workshops and start on your path to the career you’ve always wanted!

For more information or to register go to or give us a call at 805-719-7008.   Don’t hesitate do it TODAY!