Nurses Notes

I’m always amazed to see 1st year students walk into my classroom.  Their eyes are bright and optimistic filled with enthusiasm. As the course progresses, usually during the second or third week their eyes are not as bright and optimistic as the first week.  Instead their eyes are filled with uncertainty and a lack of enthusiasm.  I hear the normal complaints that are associated with a new student.  Complaints like, “I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.”  Or “I don’t think nursing is for me.”

During these times I try to reassure my newbies by telling them their feelings of insecurity are normal.  I further add in telling them “to stick to the course outline and study, study, study.  If you follow my instructions you will be successful in completing your course work.”

Lastly I add, “Nursing is a career that chooses you it’s not the other way around.”  Whenever I make that statement I watch for their reactions!


Professor Chuck