Testimonials – Philip Rosas Story

Happy Nursing StudentsWhy nursing: “I didn’t choose nursing, nursing chose me” wise words of Professor Charles Pierson also affectionately known as Professor ‘P” by his students. Professor ‘P” is in the business of helping people like me accomplish their goals.

Here is my story….

I was born the youngest of 5 children to a poverty stricken Hispanic family in the San Fernando Valley which an area not far from Los Angeles.  At the age of 9 my family moved in with my grandparents.  My elder brother and I were delegated the task of providing care to my grandmother who had DBII- HTN and as a result had 2 BKA due to gangrene. My brother and I would bathe her, assist her to the toilet and would take turns wiping her clean as the other one held her up!  Mind you I was 9 years old and my brother 10. We did this for 2 years while my family lived with my grandparents.  After moving out, my mom would take us to our grandma’s house everyday between 6-8pm in order to help our grandma with her evening ADL’s.  I can remember like it was yesterday watching my other cousins play and totally disregard my grandmother.  Never did they “nurse” my grandma like my brother and I.  After 7 years of doing this for the most part 365 days without ever questioning why? I just knew it was needed to be done in order for grandma to be comfortable. My grandma passed away when I was 16. After the death of my grandma my father was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and my mother was diagnosed a few months after that with liver cancer. So I basically lived in the Northridge hospital.  For the next year I watched the nurses care for my parents.  I was there every day, without fail. I would question the nurses and physicians on everything.  One day one of my mother’s doctors told me that a doctor is as good as his lead nurse. I really didn’t understand, so I asked him what he meant.  He said a doctor would be lost if nurses didn’t exist. He said a nurse is the heart beat of medicine.  

I have thought of that many of times.  A license to be a nurse is the Segway that will allow me to help people heal, comfort and aid in assisting patients to prosper to their highest potential

Getting into nursing school was a challenge.  I dropped out of school in 7 grade.  I had no GED or high school diploma.  All I had with me was my hustle and grind, in January 2012 I told myself I will be in nursing school by summer, I rented a GED preparation book and honestly opened it 2 times.  I took it back and went to LAUSD and challenged the GED test which I passed.  Obtained my GED in February and started my search for a nursing school.  

I asked myself.  What school do I attend?  What questions do I ask?  Can a 31 year old get financial aid?

These are just a few questions going on in my head.  If only I had a resource available to guide me.  That’s when I turned to Professor Charles Pierson at ANursingCareer.com.  Professor ‘P’ is a great guy.

My advice to you is to register for a seminar today.  What do you have to lose check it out!